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1. Use Ceiling Fans: Use of ceiling fans minimizes the need for AC in the summer and enhance winter comfort – Monthly savings - $1.50

2. Add humidity -- Dry air retains less heat and feels colder against the skin.  Use added humidity during the winter months and push the thermostat down a degree or two – Monthly savings – $4.00 during heating season

3. Maximize CFL's -- Use CFL’s in all fixtures that are on for at least 3 hrs per day – Monthly savings -$0.57 each

4. Use programmable thermostats – For every degree that you push the set-point back you save 2% on your yearly utility bills. Be sure that they are set up to account for daylight savings time. – Monthly savings $15.00 during heating season

5. Seal duct work – As much as 25% to 40% of conditioned air in ducts leaks to the outside. Seal ducts with mastic – not tape. Pay particular attention to elbows and connections with the main trunk lines. Returns are as important as supplies as crawl space mildew and moisture or garage VOC’s and CO may be pulled into the returns and distributed thru the house. – Monthly savings $10.00 during heating season.

6. Seal that evaporative cooler duct – During the winter an unsealed duct can leak 25% of conditioned air out into the atmosphere. Stuff that hole as described with the chimney – Monthly savings - $18.00 during heating season.

7. Keep Filters and A/C coils clean. A dirty filter restricts air flow and a dirty coli retains heat.  Clean the condenser coil in the spring and replace the filter yearly – Monthly savings $8.00


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